Combifor floor system

Traditional process, innovative solution

A Combifor floor system is very sustainable. It has the same building process as the traditional construction with concrete beams. Still, there are some differences: Combifor floors are lighter and more flexible, while retaining their strength. In addition, the building process is faster due to the usage of a special wall profile with joist hangers and extension profiles. 

You choose the floor construction

The Combifor floor system can consist of a concrete, dovetailed sheets or a wooden top layer.  The floor does not need an extra constructive concrete floor with reinforcement to feel rigid and strong. The Combifor sheets are 35 up to 55 % stiffer than similar steel beams. Combifor ensures a light and compact system, for every situation. For new builds and renovation floors. 

Two versions: FIX en FLEX

There are two versions available, they both use the same steel beams: Combifor FLEX and Combifor FIX.

  • With Combifor Flex there will be a thermo strip placed under the steel beams. This is a thermal bridge insulator and will function as a base for the standard insulating plates. The system is specifically developed for varying centre-to-centre dimension (ideal for renovations).
The mounting is easy. Watch this video:

  • With Combifor Fix the floor is isolated with expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks. This floor has a similar structure as the traditional beam and block flooring, but with standard centre-to-centre dimensions of 488 and 610 mm (ideal for new builds and annexes).
The mounting is easy. Watch this video:

Renovation or new build: the floor always fits!

The beams have a minimum standard length of 3 meter and a maximum standard length of 5 meters. The Combifor extension profile offers a solution where dimensions have too much differences. In this way it’s always possible to make a custom floor system. Ideal for new builds and renovations. 

Faster installation compared to traditional floors

Application of the wall profile with joist hangers significantly speeds up the total floor building process. Install the wall profile to the masonry wall and place with the joist hangers the beams simple to the wall profile. These fittings offer solutions during the building process if reality appears to be different than theoretically expected. This flexibility ensures that the work can always go through.


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