Duofor® dovetailed sheets DF16  

Technical characteristics  

Steel thicknesses: Duofor® dovetailed sheets (DF16) are available in steel thicknesses 0.50 mm and 0.60 mm.
Dimensional accuracy and processing:
The dovetail-shape of Duofor® dovetailed sheets are very accurately making them easier to process.   

Zinc coating:
Duofor® dovetailed sheets have a higher level of zinc protection compared to the competition. This has an advantageous effect on the sustainability of the soil and differs significantly from other dovetailed sheets.  

We offer a 50-year warranty. We only use high quality galvanized steel for production of Duofor® dovetailed sheets.   

Fire retardant:
Duofor® dovetailed sheeting provides a fire retardant floor with a fire resistance of ≥ 60 minutes.  

Good attenuation values for acoustic Ilu)> = 0 dB (DnT, A, k = 52 dB) and impact sound (lco)> = +5 dB (LnT, A ≤ 54 dB (A)) are met.  

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Duofor bundelt de kracht met YBS Insulation

Per 1 september aanstaande bundelen wij onze krachten met YBS Insulation, Engelse fabrikant van reflecterende dak-, wand-, en vloerisolatie. Duofor zal het YBS importeursschap voor het Europese vaste land volledig overnemen. Zowel de producent Duofor als YBS Insulation staan voor service en doordachte, gecertificeerde oplossingen in de bouw. De perfecte basis voor een goede samenwerking, vinden wij.