Duofor® dovetailed sheets DF16  

Technical characteristics  

Steel thicknesses: Duofor® dovetailed sheets (DF16) are available in steel thicknesses 0.50 mm and 0.60 mm.
Dimensional accuracy and processing:
The dovetail-shape of Duofor® dovetailed sheets are very accurately making them easier to process.   

Zinc coating:
Duofor® dovetailed sheets have a higher level of zinc protection compared to the competition. This has an advantageous effect on the sustainability of the soil and differs significantly from other dovetailed sheets.  

We offer a 50-year warranty. We only use high quality galvanized steel for production of Duofor® dovetailed sheets.   

Fire retardant:
Duofor® dovetailed sheeting provides a fire retardant floor with a fire resistance of ≥ 60 minutes.  

Good attenuation values for acoustic Ilu)> = 0 dB (DnT, A, k = 52 dB) and impact sound (lco)> = +5 dB (LnT, A ≤ 54 dB (A)) are met.  

Click here for more information about the soundproofing of your floor.


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