DTS-G Impact Sound Insulation Strips

Duofor DTS-G Sound Insulation Strips withstand almost every floor load.

Due to our many years of production experience with our dovetailed sheets in the soundproofing floor area, we have developed the DTS-G Sound Insulation Strips. The right spring-mass ratio was the challenge. DTS-G Sound Insulation Strips are additionally loaded in combination with a dovetail-shaped bottom.

The profiling of the dovetailed sheets distributes load per square meter irregularly over the entire impact sound insulation strip. On the one hand, the material should be strong enough to absorb the load and, on the other hand, the material should be sufficiently soft at the end of the floor to ensure lasting cushioning.

Our calculations and studies showed that materials such as mineral wool have not withstood load. Mineral wool has lost its optimum spring force, has been compressed and cracks have formed on the joints.

A crack-free "floating" floor construction is created with DTS-G Sound Insulation Strips in conjunction with mortar.
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