Professional floor renovation with Duofor® dovetailed sheeting

Not only users have increasingly higher requirements for new builds, renovations or changes in purpose of their living space. Also a building must comply with regulations such as load-bearing capacity, sound insulation and fire protection.  

Application possibilities

Duofor® dovetailed sheets provide an excellent solution for a quick and inexpensive floor renovation. Bedrooms are converted into luxurious bathrooms, wooden floors are tiled, attics become workrooms. Thanks to the dovetailed sheets, public buildings and factory halls are given completely new functions, apartments are divided and houses are merged.

Dovetailed metal decking works very well with underfloor heating systems due to the outstanding steel conduction, allowing them to perform even more efficiently. Parquet and laminate flooring as well as stone and terrazzo tiles: dovetailed sheets are suitable for all types of top flooring.

Duofor® dovetailed sheets offer numerous advantages:    

  • Quick, simple and inexpensive to install      
  • High load-bearing capacity   
  • Free span up to 2.5 m centre to centre or laid directly to existing floor 
  • Fire-proof, sound-absorbing and water-impermeable           
  • Made of sendzimir galvanized steel S320 GD + 275 g/m²                
  • Tested with cement screed, concrete and lightweight concrete  
  • Concrete floors on wood from 36 mm          
  • Certified / CE marking
  • Environmentally friendly - 100% recyclable    
  • Known over 150 years and further developed by Duofor        
  • Own production acc. EN 1090-1 and ISO 9001  

If you have any questions about the dovetailed metal decking feel free to call us on tel. number + 31 (0) 162 31 41 66 or email us
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