Sound-absorbing floors from DUOFOR

Stable like a concrete floor Particularly in hard surface floors the exclusion of impact sound is a comfort enhancing factor. Based on many years of experience in the field of dovetailed sheeting and sound insulation, Duofor developed a solution for impact sound insulation. The insulation values of this solution reaches the same or considerably better values than a 200 mm concrete floor.
A sound insulating floor often has a characteristic airborne noise index Ilu (k) * of ≥ 0 dB (DNT, A, k = 52 dB) and a impact sound insulation index Ico * of ≥ 5 dB (LNT, A ≤ 54 dB (A).  

Ceiling on beam layers

System floors, consisting Duofor® dovetailed sheets and Duofor DTS-G Sound Insulation Strips, achieve a typical airborne sound index Ilu (k) of +3 dB (DNT, A, k = 55 dB) and an impact sound insulation index Ico of + 6 dB on an existing timber construction (LNT, A = 53 dB (A). 

Ceiling under the beam layers 

In case of an existing wooden floor, consisting of a beam layer and floor boards with a plasterboard ceiling, the maximum sound absorption index Ilu (k) is -10 dB (DnT, A, k = 42 dB) and the impact sound index Ico is -20 dB (LnT, A = 79 dB (A)). This is ultimately not a soundproofing floor. Duofor® dovetailed sheets on such a construction achieve an airborne noise index (k) of +6 dB (DNT, A, k = 58 dB) and an impact sound insulation index Ico of +10 dB (LNT, A = 49 dB (A). This floor construction achieves additional sound insulation as well as sound proofing.

* The 'old' Ilu (k) characteristic airborne insulation index is simply based on the 'new' index with the formula Ilu; k = DnT, A, k - 52. The rule here is that the higher the value, the better the sound insulation. * The 'old' insulation index for impact sound insulation is easily calculated using the 'new' index with the formula Ico = 59 - LNT, A. The rule here is that the lower the value, the better the impact sound insulation.

If you have any questions about dovetailed metal decking with sound-absorbing floor systems, feel free to call us on tel. number + 31 (0) 162 31 41 66 or email us
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