Duofor DTS sound insulation


Duofor DTS-G Sound Insulation Strips are made of rubber granules with a specific low density. Harder versions are also available for special applications. The Duofor DTS-G are supplied as strips in the dimensions 10 mm thick, 80 mm wide and 1000 mm long. The strips retain their insulating function dynamically at loads of 0.07 N / mm2 static up to 0.08 N / mm2. Easy processing and application of impact sound insulation strips.

The Duofor DTS-G strips are easy to install 

The strips are extremely stable due to the granular rubber structure and remain on the beam construction. A soundproof floor construction with dovetail panels is guaranteed if the dovetail panels are NOT attached to the underlying structure by the DTS-G strips.


The Duofor DTS-G Sound Insulation Strips, in combination with the Duofor® dovetailed sheets, fulfill the sound insulation requirements such as the R'w ≥ 54 dB for airborne sound insulation and the Ln, w ≤ 53 dB for impact sound insulation
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