Nailed floors on Duofor® dovetailed sheets

The Duofor® dovetailed sheets can span freely from beam to beam. When the floor boards are removed, the Duofor® dovetailed sheets can be applied directly to the beam layer to save height.

The dovetailed sheets should not be bolted but simply nailed. Therefore use 3 nails per panel on each beam and nail through the upper flange of the panel. When installing underfloor heating, 2 nails per panel width are sufficient.  

Nailed on timber layer

When processing Duofor® dovetailed sheets on a timber layer, the longitudinal overlap (approx. 100 mm) is applied to the timber layer. The dovetailed sheets are nailed in the upper flange, resulting in a nailed floor.
Nailed on floorboards

When processing Duofor® dovetailed sheets, the longitudinal overlap (approx. 100 mm) can be selected at any position. The dovetailed sheets are nailed on the upper flange.If you have any questions about the dovetailed sheeting, feel free to call us on tel. number + 31 (0) 162 31 41 66 or email us
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