A floor system of extra stiff steel

Combifor beams with insulating plates. You use the same steel beams as for Combifor Fix. The Thermostrips will be mounted underneath these steel beams. The strips are the base for the standard insulating plates. This will ensure the possibility to install the beams in any desired centre-to-centre dimentions. 

This is especially suitable for renovations where wooden beams are situated on varying distances. Place the beams on the old encasement or distribute evenly in the most economical way possible. A Combifor Flex floor system can easily be finished with plate materials. The floor will retain its strength and stiffness, with a total weight of only 10 kg/m2.

The installation of the Combifor floor system is very fast due to the implementation of a specifically designed wall profile with joist hangers and extension profiles.

High resistance and multiple finishing possibilities
The Combifor beams have a higher stiffness, between 35 % and 55 %, compared to other steel beams. These beams ensure that the floor system reaches the required constructive stiffness, even without concrete reinforcement topping.
  • Wooden sheeting or dovetailed sheeting with mortar/cement as a finish is already sufficient.
  • A concrete finish can be chosen for a stiffer and bigger span.

The result is a well-rounded insulation and stable substructure.
Watch the Combifor Flex video

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