Combifor floor system

The floor that adapts to your construction work!

Light and extremely strong floor system

The unique feature of Combifor is the combination of lightweight materials with an extremely strong end result. Therefore ideally suited as renovation floor and new builds.

Traditional method

Combifor renovation floor is built up in the same way as a traditional construction with timber beams and thereby close to the traditional method. However this floor offers more durability, strength and higher performance. With the special wall profile and joist hangers can be built faster.

Strength and rigidity

The strength and rigidity of Combifor comes from the beams itself. The beams don´t need additional reinforced concrete to feel stable and rigid. Finished with dovetailed sheeting and screed, the floor feels as solid as a concrete floor.

COMBIFOR floor can also be finished with underlayment.
The floor retains its strength and rigidity but weighs only 25 kg/m2. 

This floor is ideal for finishing with parquet or laminate. The layers are about 40% stiffer than other types of steel beams in combination floors.

Free chooseable centre-to-centre distance

Under the steel beams the thermostrip is placed. The thermostrip has a double function. Besides thermal insulation of the steel beams it’s also a carrier of the standard insulation boards. This allows the beams on each possible centre-to-centre. This can be very convenient especially in renovation: in existing building wooden beams often have different distances. Combifor beams can be placed in the beam pockets of the existing masonry wall or be divided in the most efficient way.

Infinitely variable adjustability

The beam length is adjustable up to 30 centimetres, has a minimum standard length of three meters and a maximum standard length of five meters. In addition, a variety of special sizes are quickly available upon request. 

The Combifor extension profile offers a solution where dimensions have too much differences. It makes the beam length continuously adjustable up to 400 mm. Where the beam cannot be rigged in the wall cavity, the beam can be placed in the masonry on one side and simply slide out the other end. 

Quickly, within a day

Application of the wall profile with joist hangers significantly speeds up the total floor building process. Install the wall profile to the masonry wall and place with the joist hangers the beams simple to the wall profile. These fittings offer solutions during the building process if reality appears to be different than theoretically expected. This flexibility ensures that the work can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Durable by thermostrips

The thermostrip has a double function, one way as a carrier of standard insulation boards but also as a thermal bridge insulation of the steel beam. The lambda value of the thermostrip is slightly higher than for example, the lambda value of polystyrene, which makes the critical temperatures underneath the steel beam be "transmitted". Therefore there cannot occur condensate on the bottom side of the steel beam. In the long term, this has a beneficial effect on the zinc layer of the beam and thus a favorable impact on the durability of the entire floor.

System floors build of light and compact materials

Applying a system floor can be performed by you or your contractor.
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