Duofor® Dovetail Plate DF48  

Duofor® Dovetail Plate DF48 is a dovetail plate designed for use with larger spans. The shape of the DF48 consists of a functionally architectural base and is also suitable for ceiling. On request we also deliver with a special coating.

Processing and Standards  

Dimensions of the Duofor® Dovetail Plate DF48 are based on the regulations of Eurocode 4 (SFSENV 1994-1-1) and comply with the instructions for use according to Eurocode 3 1.3 (SFS-ENV 1993-1-3: 1996).
Load specifications and safety factors are based on Eurocode 1 (ENV 1991-1: 1994).  

Material complies with the standards of SFS-EN 10147 (hot-dip galvanized sheet steel)


Duofor® Dovetail Plates DF48 in concrete construction form a constructive unit and result in a strength that requires no further reinforcement, such as reinforcing steel.  

Technical specifications          

Height: approx. 48 mm
Working width: 750 mm
Maximum delivery length: 10 m
Minimum production length: 0.4 m   

Available steel thickness:
  • 0.70 mm
  • 0.90 mm
  • 1.10 mm