Floor with underfloor heating

Duofor® dovetailed sheets work very well with underfloor heating, allowing it to work more efficiently than without the sheets.
Especially tile and stone floors are ideal for use with an underfloor heating and dovetailed sheets as they heat up fast and retain heat very well.

The underfloor heating pipes are installed at right angles to the profile direction and fixed with DuoKlips. Duofor DuoKlips are patented flexible mounting brackets allowing a quick en easy installation of the heating pipes. 

The screed layer on the heating pipes must be 20 mm at least. A distance of 10 mm between the floor and masonry is maintained with the Duofor RS Edge Insulation Strip.  

When using underfloor heating on the ground floor we recommend to place insulation between the beams. In this way considerably less heat is lost, height is gained by removing the floorboards and the steel dovetailed sheets ensure a good conduction and tranfer of the retained heat.
If you have any questions about the underfloor heating system on dovetailed metal decking, feel free to call us on tel. number + 31 (0) 162 31 41 66 or email us verkoop@duofor.nl.
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