Fast processing, big span

Combifor Fix is a beam and block floor of extra rigid steel Combifor beams with expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks. These blocks are based on the standard centre-to-centre dimensions of 488 and 610 mm. You use the same steel beams as for Combifor Fix.

High resistance and multiple finishing possibilities
The Combifor beams have a higher stiffness, between 35 % and 55 %, compare to other floor system steel beams. These beams ensure that the floor system reaches the required constructive stiffness, even without concrete reinforcement topping.
  • Wooden sheeting or dovetailed sheeting with mortar/cement as a finish is already sufficient.
  • A concrete finish can be chosen for a stiffer and bigger span.

The result is a well-rounded insulation and stable substructure.
Watch the Combifor Fix video.

Duofor bundelt de kracht met YBS Insulation

Per 1 september aanstaande bundelen wij onze krachten met YBS Insulation, Engelse fabrikant van reflecterende dak-, wand-, en vloerisolatie. Duofor zal het YBS importeursschap voor het Europese vaste land volledig overnemen. Zowel de producent Duofor als YBS Insulation staan voor service en doordachte, gecertificeerde oplossingen in de bouw. De perfecte basis voor een goede samenwerking, vinden wij.