Hybrid insulation means that different kinds of insulating materials are going to be combined. Reasons for this can be:
  • To save space and compactness
  • To save wood
  • To combine with another material already present
  • To combine with insulating roof plates
  • To upgrade older buildings
Hybrid insulation
Within the YBS range, we have both vapour-permeable and vapour-tight certified multifoils that allow for responsible hybrid insulation. We can calculate the Rc value for your situation, and prove that we meet the building act requirements.
  • Mineral wool e.g. from Isover, Rockwool or Knauf,
  • Rigid foam boards from e.g. Kingspan or Unilin
  • Wood fibre insulation from e.g. Gutex or Steico
  • Flax insulation from e.g. Isovlas
  • Cellulose insulation from e.g. Climacell
Hybrid insulation

If you have any questions about hybrid insulation with the YBS products, do not hesitate to call us on telephone number +31 (0)162 31 41 66 or send us an e-mail to verkoop@duofor.nl.
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