About Duofor

Duofor® Dovetail Plates are the improved generation of dovetail plates.

The exact profile geometry of Duofor® Dovetail Plates (according to EN 1090-2), in combination with concrete, cement screed or lightweight concrete, enables the construction of self-supporting composite ceilings on wooden or steel girder constructions.  

Floors with Duofor® Dovetail Plates have the advantage of low height and low weight.  

The characteristics of
Duofor® Dovetail Plates:

  • Traffic loads up to 5.0 KN / m²
  • Fire resistance
  • Free span in the axial dimension up to 2.50 m
  • High air and impact sound values according to Eurocode
  • Installation markings on panels, strips and 100% according to EN 1090-2
  • Sales, technical advice and production (certificate ISO 9001: 2008) from our company
  • Internationally active  
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