DuoKlip: Rapidly mounting piping and tubes onto dovetailed sheets without screws
DuoKlip: Duofor innovates again

Duofor DuoKlip is a patented spring loaded assembly clamp which fixes itself by its special shape in the cavities of the dovetailed sheet. After mounting the DuoKlip one can a easily insert tubes or pipes into the clamp. Because DuoKlip can slide in the length of dovetailed sheet, it remains possible to adjust the positioning of the already mounted tubes.

DuoKlip is not only extremely suitable for mounting floor heating tubes onto dovetailed sheet floors. Also other piping with diameters between 15 and 18mm, such as supply lines for heating, water piping or even electrical installation tubes can be fixed with DuoKlip.

With this innovative addition to the product portfolio Duofor helps to improve efficiency on the building site. Just like they did with the introduction of the much easier to apply Duofor dovetailed sheet.
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