For decades the production of the Duofor® dovetailed sheets has achieved ISO 9001 certification concerning quality management. With the appreciation of the ISO 14001 certification, the production of Duofor® dovetailed sheets shows that in addition to good quality, it also complies with the strictest standards when it comes to handling the environment.

ISO 14001 certification mainly focuses on efficient and sustainable environmental care. In short: How do you, as a company, justify the vision, embedding and compliance with environmental aspects? ISO 14001 certification describes the core elements for setting up, implementing, maintaining and improving an environmental management system within a production facility. In order to qualify for the ISO 14001 certification TÜV Netherlands carried out a certification audit on 2nd and 6th February 2018. The results of the study were all reasons to grant the ISO 14001: 2015.
Why do we value the ISO 14001 certification?  

  • International identification base for certification;
  • Systematic improvement of environmental performance as well as compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Additional insight into the risks and opportunities related to the environment;
  • Implementation of the "environmental pillar" into sustainable enterprise (ISO 26001).    

The ISO certification does not only mean awareness and motivation but work processes improvement in order to pursue a common goal.
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