Combifor: environmentally friendly and circular solution

The Combifor dry construction is an energy efficient and has a fully circulaire implementation.

Sustainable floor system

Combifor floor can achieve an insulation value of Rc=7. 
An important element of Combifor Flex is the Thermo strip. This strips is the base of the insulation plates and a thermal bridge insulator of the steel beams.

The Combifor floor system consists of a lightweight and flexible materials with a strong end result.  One of the main components of the floor are the steel beams. Because of their high quality galvanized protective coating, they are protected against corrosion. This is important to guarantee a long lifecycle of the floor.


Circular and residents friendly

There’s also a fully circular implementation of the Combifor floor system. Besides the dovetailed sheets and mortar finish, it is also possible to implement a wooden top layer as a floor finish. This is possible due to the strength and stiffness of the beams. This Combifor version is fully dismountable and reusable. Combifor dry built is mostly applied to renovation projects:

  • Waiting time for the drying process completely fall away
  • Wooden plates finish is more environmentally friendly than mortar
  • Less carbon dioxide emission due to transport
Corporations and owner associations start to increasingly choose for a residents friendly dry built variant. The biggest benefit: residents can return to their homes in a shorter time. In the short time span, the residents will get a more comfortable, well insulated floor, with the constructive characteristics of a concrete floor.


Combifor is thoroughly tested by our partner, Technical University of Eindhoven. Both the individual materials and the floor construction itself are CE certified and comply with all the concerning Eurocodes.
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