Combifor floor system

Processing Combifor floor system

Combifor is a versatile and flexible floor system that consists of light and separate components. The floor system has a traditional but fast and simple way of working, which enables the installer to install the floor within one day. The especially designed products, such as the Combifor profile carrier and the Combifor lightweight steel beams, also makes the assemblage easy for one person.

General processing advice

Place the Combifor beams. Make sure that the end beams are ALWAYS with their backs, at a maximum distance of 100 mm, from the building wall.

Click the thermo strip with a twist around the beam. The thermo strip clamp automatically and can be moved if necessary. 

Place the insulation plates on and between the thermo strips. Seal the connections between the insulation and other components tightly. 

Are you working on a dry construction with underlayment plates or do you want to know more about the finishing with dovetailed sheets and mortar? Use the buttons below to select the detailed explanation of your project.

Combifor instruction video

In this video you can see how a Combifor floor system will be installed.

Applying a system floor can be performed by you or your contractor.
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