Duofor: specialised in floor systems and insulation products

Duofor is specialized in producing and supplying dovetailed sheets. Our dovetailed sheets serve as reinforcement in the area for new thin concrete floors and are ideally suitable for floor renovation. In addition, we have expanded our range with various floor systems and associated products, so that we can supply the best materials for every renovation or new construction project.

About Duofor

Duofor® dovetailed sheets are the improved generation of dovetailed sheeting.

The exact profile geometry of Duofor® dovetailed sheets (according to EN 1090-2), in combination with concrete, cement screed or lightweight concrete, enables a bearing construction of composite floors on timber or steel girder constructions.  

Floors with Duofor® dovetailed sheets have the advantage of low height and low weight.  

The characteristics of Duofor
® dovetailed sheets:

  • Esay to install due to installation markings on panels
  • Traffic loads up to 5.0 KN/m²
  • Fire resistance
  • High air and impact sound values according to Eurocode
  • Durable due to use of high quality galvanized steel sheets
  • Thin floor thickness (from 36 mm)
  • Free spans (centre to centre) of up to 2.5 m

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Duofor bundelt de kracht met YBS Insulation

Per 1 september aanstaande bundelen wij onze krachten met YBS Insulation, Engelse fabrikant van reflecterende dak-, wand-, en vloerisolatie. Duofor zal het YBS importeursschap voor het Europese vaste land volledig overnemen. Zowel de producent Duofor als YBS Insulation staan voor service en doordachte, gecertificeerde oplossingen in de bouw. De perfecte basis voor een goede samenwerking, vinden wij.