Processing SuperQuilt

SuperQuilt can be used in renovations and new build as floor, wall, under and over roof insulation.

SuperQuilt is very user friendly because of its light weight, big measurements and easy , clean and dustproof accounting method: easily cut the foil and staple it in place without the need of protective clothing or mask.
SuperQuilt is easily cut with a scissor or knife. We recommend an electric scissor for big jobs.

Because of the thin and flexible material, it is possible to use SuperQuilt as an hybrid insulation. This means that it can be combined with different insulating materials like mineral wool or hard foam boards. There is also a possibility to combine it with insulating material that is already in use or prefab roofing sheets. Through the use of hybrid SuperQuilt, you can easily upgrade your building into a higher energy label.
Click here to read more about hybrid insulation.
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