Perlite - more than just volcanic rock

Perlite is originally a glassy, volcanic rock with a density of 1100 kg / m³. The granulate expands volume up to 20 times its original volume when heated to a temperature of 850 ° to 900 ° C. Pore formation reaches a density of 35 kg / m³ up to 165 kg / m³. The expanded material is bright white afterwards.

Applications of Perlite

Perlite can be used in a variety of ways, including: as floor insulation in the construction industry. Perlite is non-flammable, environmentally friendly, chemically very stable, rot-proof and odourless. Perlite is a heat-insulating material that bonds easily and can be processed with mortar.

Characteristics of Perlite:
  • Density: 35-165 kg / m³
  • Lambda: 0.04 to 0.06 W / m. K
  • PH: 6.5-8
  • Solubility: insoluble in water and organic solvents
  • Fire behaviour: non-flammable - Fire class A1
  • Melting point: + 1260° C
  • Appearance: grainy / granular, white / grey-white
  • Volatile organic compounds: no
  • Asbestos: no
  Chemical composition (main elements)
  • Silicon                                    iO2            65-80%
  • Aluminium                          Al2O3           12-16%
  • Magnesium oxide                MgO            0.3-1.0%
  • Iron oxide                          Fe2O3           0.5-1.0%
  • Sodium oxide                      Na2O           3.0-4.5%
  • Calcium oxide                       CaO           0.5-2.0%
  • Water                                     H2O          2.0-4.0%
  • Loss on ignition                                             1,5-
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