Processing BreatherQuilt

BreatherQuilt is a 3 in 1 insulating and breathable roof covering, with a fast and easy installation procedure.

BreatherQuilt is light, thin and flexible, this makes it possible to install it on a semi insulated roof. This ensures a fast and space efficient insulation. It is also possible to place it on the roofing board. Furthermore, BreatherQuilt now includes a built in double-sided tape for ease of installation.

Thanks to its OSH-friendly and efficient solution, no fibers and chemicals will be released, ensuring a clean and dustproof work environment. It is therefore not necessary to wear protective clothing of masks.

Just like SuperQuilt, it is also possible to combine it with different insulating materials. Read more about hybrid insulation here.
BreatherQuilt is easy to cut with scissors or extension knife. For large jobs we recommend electric scissors.

> Video BreatherQuilt electric cutting
> Video BreatherQuilt manual cutting

Duofor bundelt de kracht met YBS Insulation

Per 1 september aanstaande bundelen wij onze krachten met YBS Insulation, Engelse fabrikant van reflecterende dak-, wand-, en vloerisolatie. Duofor zal het YBS importeursschap voor het Europese vaste land volledig overnemen. Zowel de producent Duofor als YBS Insulation staan voor service en doordachte, gecertificeerde oplossingen in de bouw. De perfecte basis voor een goede samenwerking, vinden wij.