Slim insulating venting mebrane

BreatherFoil is a 4 mm thick insulating and ventilating roofing membrane. This foil is ideal to install on roofs with little to no room for insulation.

BreatherFoil will be installed directly on the roofing deck or insulation boards, which will let the humidity flow to the outside. The foil is also suitable for timber-frame and modular building constructions. BreatherFoil is resistant to different weather conditions, and with its narrow width you can easily insulate different types of building structures.

  • KIWA-BDA certified
  • Only 4 mm slim
  • 98% reflection value, because of the use of real aluminum foil
  • Easy to install
  • Effective 2 in 1 insulating venting membrane
  • Removes Risk of Condensation
  • Non degradable, maintaining thermal performance and product integrity
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