Determine Combifor Fix material

  • Dry (Wood top floor)
  • Wet (concrete)
  • Semi-dry (Duofor plates)
System floor consisting of steel beams and EPS filling elements.
The Combifor FIX is extremely suitable for renovation, new construction and extensions. This floor is ideal for larger free spans with the fixed centre-to-centre dimensions of 488 mm and 610 mm.
The calculated space:
Choice Combifor system:
The choice of the top layer can influence the maximum free span of the floor.

A finishing layer of wooden cladding (dry variant) is excellently suited as a lightweight floor system. Dovetail plates (Duofor plates) finished directly with sand cement (semi-dry) are excellent for a lightweight floor with underfloor heating.

Due to the properties of the special beam, both top layers are sufficient for the required structural stiffness. You can use a concrete compression layer (wet) for even more structural rigidity and larger spans.

Length in mm:
Width in mm:
Is there an underlay / between support point / foundation beam present in the rectangular space?
Undershot also called undershot bar or sometimes called strikethrough. A bottom brace is a beam (wood or steel) that is used to reduce the free span of the beams.

If one of these supports is present in the space (transverse direction of the span direction), so that the new beams can be supported, other spans are possible.
Extra comfort (stiffness):
The basic variant of the Combifor system floor is "Comfort". This is the standard application, you can optionally opt for an extra rigid floor "Comfort Plus". This will reduce the centre-to-centre distance of the beams. This has the greatest influence on the choice of Dry or Semi-dry.
Thermisch comfort (Rc-waarde m² K/W):
Rc value with a minimum value of 4.2 m2K/W is our standard. This amply meets the New Construction Building Decree requirement of 3.7 m2K/W for floors.

Do you opt for extra thermal comfort? Then a minimum Rc value of 5.1 m2K/W can be achieved by using the gray filling elements. The total thermal performance (Rc value) of the chosen floor construction is shown in the advice.
Crawl Hatch
Indicating the use of a crawl hatch is mainly important for the dry or semi-dry variant. In that case, a notch is taken into account to provide extra support for the hatch and the top floor (beam and joist brackets).

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