Duofor DuoKlip

DuoKlip: The fast assembly of pipes on Duofor® Dovetail Plates without screwing.

The Duofor DuoKlip is a patented elastic mounting bracket. 
It is inserted longitudinally into dovetail spaces of the plate. Tubes can be pushed quickly and easily into the clamp bracket and are also flexible to align after installation. 

The DuoKlip is not only suitable for installing underfloor heating pipes in dovetail floors. All pipes with a diameter of 15 to 20 mm can also be fixed with the DuoKlip, e.g. supply lines for heating systems, water pipes or even pipes.

The Duofor DuoKlip simplifies many working steps as they have only to be clamped and not bolted.
Installation of the pipes will remain flexible if the installation plan needs to be changed.