Advantages of the Combifor system 

Some important advantages of the Combifor system floor:

  • all materials are quickly available from stock.
  • labor-friendly lightweight steel floor beam, 6 kg/m1.
  • low in cost and transport weight.
  • lightweight and compact materials.
  • applying by only one man.
  • chooseable centre distance of the steel floor bar.
  • recycle old barriers.
  • low in labor costs.
  • very light floor, from 90 kg/m².
  • freely selectable insulation value, virtually any Rc value possible.
  • Duofor® dovetail plates can be used directly as a working floor.
  • direct finishing 34 mm with sand cement in one work stroke.
  • with floor heating the same thickness possible.
  • spares in steel girders for installation work.
  • bottom available for inspection and / or maintenance.
  • isolation after installation remains possible.