Combifor: The environmentally friendly floor system - innovative and recyclable

Environmentally friendly soil
Sustainable and environmentally friendly floor solutions are guaranteed by high-quality, galvanized Duofor
® Dovetail Plates and accessories, recyclable insulation materials consisting of individually dismountable elements.
  In addition, the excellent insulation of the Combifor system floor provides an efficient energy value.  

Comfortable floor

The characteristics of the Combifor system floor are those of a solid concrete floor. This innovative floor solution is ideal for underfloor heating due to its high conductivity and even distribution of heat. The floor cavity creates a buffer zone, so the floor retains its pleasant and even temperature.

Sustainable soil  

The base of the system floor consists of specially developed and manufactured steel girders as well as the Duofor® Dovetail Plates. In combination with the Combifor Thermo strips and a "standard" insulation material, the patented system creates a very high-quality floor construction. Combifor System Floor has a remarkably high load capacity and is suitable for almost all floor applications due to its low weight. We grant 50 years warranty on our Dovetail Plates.