Easy handling

The application of the Combifor system is not only easy to work with because of the light and individual components, but also simple and quick to carry out.

The Combifor steel lightweight beams can be laid in the existing wall recesses or fixed at any center-to-center distances of up to 1,200 mm on the Combifor profile beam.

The distance between the straps can be adjusted flexibly and shifted as the straps are placed in the hook brackets and fastened to the profile beam. The elongated mounting holes in the profile support simplify adjusting the profile and the assembly can also be carried out by a person. T

he construction of the Combifor and the recesses in the steel girders allows the heating cables to be easily installed under the floor. The pipes are always in a frost-free zone and facilitate any inspection. The Combifor floor structure is already executable from 60 mm high with underfloor heating