Advantages for the processor

Due to its flexibility and simplicity, the Combifor floor system has many advantages for the processor, in particular for the contractor.

Immediate savings
With the Combifor floor saves a lot of time and material at the best price-quality ratio. 

The number of materials is kept to a minimum. This keeps work orderly and storage on the building site small. With the simplicity and speed with which this light  floor system can be installed, you save on working time. Waiting hours are also minimized due to the seamlessly construction phases. Even if you choose the Combifor variant with dovetailed sheeting and screed, the Duofor sheets can be finished in one go with concrete or screed.
Besides that the floor can be installed with a thickness of only 60 mm. 

Easy and flexible processing
The light Combifor materials are health and safety friendly, simple and flexible to process.

Combifor consists of separate elements, making the assembly fast and flexible. For example, the steel beams can be laid at any desired centre-to-centre distance of up to 1.20 m. For renovations, the existing beam pockets of the masory can be used but the beams can also be efficiently distributed using the Combifor wall profiles. The elongated slots in the wall profile allow an easy installation even for one person. Slotted holes in the Combifor beams enables the installer to install pipework under the floor effortlessly. Thereby the pipes are always in a frost-free zone and remain accessible for inspection at all times.