The Combifor floor system is made up of traditional, easy to process materials.

In conjunction with the specially developed lightweight steel joist and thermoplastic strip creates a constructive and extremely high thermal system floor. Combifor distinguished by the remarkable structural properties and its extremely low weight.

Some of the advantages of this flooring solution:

  • Universally applicable
  • Flexible and at each center to center measure applicable
  • Favorable price / performance ratio
  • Lightest system floor from 90 kg/m²
  • Health & Safety - friendly with beams of only 6 kg/m
  • Short construction period, low manpower
The basis of the guaranteed floor system consists of specially designed and fabricated steel girders and Duofor dovetail plates.

Together with the unique Combifor Thermo Trip and a "standard" insulation material, this patented system is a very high-quality floor construction.

The system floors have an astonishingly high strength and low weight is the Combifor floor system suitable for almost any floor application.

See here how simple the light 
Combifor parts are to apply.