Dovetail Plates

Professional floor renovation with Duofor® Dovetail Plates

Not only users have increasingly higher requirements for new buildings, renovations or changes in purpose of their living space but building regulations must also be complied with, such as load capacity, sound insulation and fire protection.  

Application possibilities

Bedrooms are converted into luxurious bathrooms, wooden floors are to be tiled, attics become workrooms. Public buildings have a completely different function and old factory buildings are converted into public buildings. Apartments are divided, houses are merged. The laying of special (stone or terrazzo) floors as well as installation of underfloor heating systems are very popular. Existing apartments and buildings often have wooden supporting structures. In order to meet quickly, safely and inexpensively all requirements and wishes,  Duofor® Dovetail Plates offer the ideal and optimal solution for floor renovation.  

Duofor® Dovetail Plates offer numerous advantages:

  • Concrete floors on wood from 36 mm      
  • Fast and inexpensive installation        
  • High structural load capacity        
  • Fire-proof, sound-absorbing and water-impermeable         
  • Known over 150 years and further developed by Duofor         
  • Made of Sendzimir galvanized sheet steel S320 GD + 275 g / m²        
  • Own production acc. EN 1090-1 and ISO 9001          
  • Composite ceiling construction tested with cement screed, concrete and lightweight concrete       
  • Environmentally friendly - 100% recyclable          
  • Certified / CE mark