DUOFOR dovetailed sheet has the future!

Duofor specializes in manufacturing and supply of dovetailed sheets.
These sheets make it possible to create thin and light concrete floors on light floor support structures, such as wooden girders or wooden floors.

The dovetailed sheets serve as reinforcement and support for the concrete applied on to the floor.
The minimal weight of this floor system makes it ideal for floor renovation in all kinds of buildings with a wooden floor structure.
An extremely thin construction of only 36 mm is sufficient to build a sturdy and stiff floor on which hard surface finishing, like tiles, can be applied without the risk of cracking.

Where to buy DUOFOR sheets

With an experienced team of 15 people Duofor serves its worldwide customer base. Duofor dovetailed sheets are available at many stockholding building material wholesales companies. Please consult our website for more information on Duofor dovetailed sheets or contact us for any additional information

Voordelen Duofor zwaluwstaartplaten

De zwaluwstaartplaat heeft standaard een hogere corrosiebestendigheid, produkt-maatvastheid, zijn uitvoerig getest en zijn een bewezen verbetering ten opzichte van andere merken.